Formed rubber hoses for manufacturers

Engineered shaped hoses for engines, vehicles and domestic appliances.

Tailored for individual applications

AE Rubber (UK) Ltd supply mandrel formed / shaped hoses in a wide spectrum of materials, with or without reinforcing to suit application and customer requirement. Hose may be produced in one polymer or co-extruded to offer different properties for the inside and outside surfaces of the hose. We can supply with clips, brackets and protective sleeve when required. Automotive and engine applications are: Engine cooling hose – Overflow pipe – Heater hose Drain Hose – Engine Breather – Screen wash filler Fuel filler – Air intake – AdBlue – Fuel breather In domestic appliances typical applications are: Water fill hose – Breather pipe Water drain hose – Pump connection

Flexible hoses

We can produce flexible hoses by various methods. These can be rubber only for liquids and gasses or reinforced with steel and fabric to handle solids.

Air intake duct

Mandrel formed air intake hose is ideal for special applications and small vehicle runs. We can use fabric reinforcing and stainless steel coils to improve performance.
Already used as OEM fit for many vehicle platforms – let AE Rubber (UK) Ltd quote for your hoses.

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