Polyurethane Foam Mouldings

AE Rubber (UK) Ltd supply PU Foam Mouldings for use in automotive, white goods, construction, agricultural and safety applications.

Versatile PU Foam Moulding

Polyurethane (PU) foam is lightweight and versatile with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Low density variants are widely used for side impact protection, noise vibration & harshness control (NVH), with higher density materials used for more structural applications.

We Offer

Flexible Foam – 0.08 to 1.26 sg Rigid Foam – 0.06 to 1.20 sg Materials developed to meet customer specific requirements. Over moulding to metals, plastics & fabrics In mould application of fitting aids including tape & clips Coloured mouldings for aesthetics or camera recognition. Fire rated BEN.ISO 3795 & CFC free.


Headrests Armrests NVH Fillers Consoles Handles Tool Tidy Side Impact Protection Seat Pads Facias
Large & Small Batch PU foam moulding
Low cost polyurethane sponge Mouldings for comfort & safety
For rubber, sponge or TPE extrusions, get in touch with AE Rubber (UK) Ltd in Peterborough.

Foam mouldings for Acoustic or Thermal applications – Contact AE Rubber (UK) for a quote

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