Rubber Gaiters & Bellows
for Flexible Joints & Controls

AE Rubber (UK) Ltd produce gaiters in a variety of materials to suit applications such as
wheelchairs, cranes, medical devices, tractor controls, air bridge units and flexible drives.


Rubber Gaiters can be shaped to fit where you need them and coloured to suit the customersā€™ scheme.

Whether you need to stop the operational environment damaging your control equipment or keep lubricants protecting your flexible drives let us quote to supply.

Gaiters produced in:


Gaiters and mouldings can be:

Medical Grade
Produced to FDA standard
Non conductive
Food Grade

AE Rubber (UK) Ltd already supplies gaiters for tractors ā€“ air bridges ā€“ cranes ā€“ cars and trains.
Talk to us about your project.

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AE Rubber (UK) Ltd supplies high-quality rubber gaiters and rubber bellows throughout the UK, Europe, and worldwide.

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