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AE Rubber (UK) Ltd supplies the mouldings you need with the finish your customers demand.

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AE Rubber (UK) Ltd supplies plastic mouldings and machined plastic components to innovative customers involved in the manufacture of vehicles and vehicle systems across Europe and Asia.

Whether the part you need is functional and hidden away, has an A face or needs decorative finish such as painting or plating, AE Rubber (UK) Ltd has the team to deliver.

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Polystyrenes – including ABS,

Do you need?

Press capacity from 15 to 1300 tonnes
0.1g to 5kg shot weight
Twin shot capability
Ultrasonic welding
Heat staking
Chrome plated plastic
Clean room painting
Multi-colour tampo & screen printing
Point of sale preparation & distribution

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Industries Silhouette

Trust AE Rubber (UK) Ltd for high-quality plastic mouldings throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide.

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