High Quality Rubber and TPE

Simple or complex – Solid or sponge – Single or co extruded.

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Whether you need rubber, low density sponge, TPO or a co extruded profile,
AE Rubber (UK) Ltd can support you.

Our technical team will specify the correct materials for your application.

Knitted, braided & spiral reinforcing in various materials, anti-extrusion cords, metal profiles and printing can be included during the extrusion process.

We will supply cut to length, long length or jointed to your requirements.

While many of the extrusions we supply are fitted during production of passenger and commercial vehicles, others are used in the building industry, military and commercial aviation projects and even construction of stages for music festivals.

Low density extrusions

AE Rubber (UK) Ltd offers sponge extrusions
with low Specific Gravity, developed for the
automotive industry but suitable for many
other applications.

Solid and sponge rubber co extrusion

The rubber extrusions we supply can be cut to length, jointed,
or even corner moulded depending on your requirements.
We can also design and supply bespoke plastic mouldings and

For rubber, sponge or TPE extrusions, get in touch with AE Rubber (UK) Ltd in Peterborough.
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For rubber and TPE extrusions, get in touch with AE Rubber (UK) Ltd. We supply to the whole of the UK and throughout Europe.

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